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When you are a small law firm, you have to make decisions about how to market and compete. Today, the internet is a critical path for securing local, high quality clients. People who need help with criminal defense usually go to Google or Facebook and search for help. Understanding their word choices is critical to being sure your website shows up in front of the right people. Datahammer helps firms just like yours get seen.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a multi-tiered process of making your website more useful, friendly and available than your competitors. In turn, Google and other search providers will rank your website higher than your competitors. The act of optimizing your website has several aspects: technical changes, content changes and general marketing. Datahammer can handle all three of these areas for you.

What about social?

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) is wildly important to your SEO. Social signalling helps inform search engines about legitimate businesses, popular trends and active businesses. Having regular and useful posts that keep your site and content fresh is vital. Datahammer can provide content and updates for you, on a schedule.

Check out Datahammer – SEO for Lawyers. They will help you compete and win.